Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Things They Say.....


........and Now

So I have been meaning to do this many times! Jot down some of the funny things that my boys say! I tell ya what, their little minds amaze me with what they come up with.
"We're going to St. George for Halloween. I cannot wait to eat chocolate in a jaccuzzi! "
-Tyler to his Aunt Lynnie
"Hmm... I wonder if that plane is going to Africa."
-Justin to our group at the pumpkin patch as he looked into the sky
"Mom, why can't I see my own eyes?"
-Justin (this was like watching someone try to lick their own elbow as he tried to see his own eyes)
"Mom, did you know our country is going to be Obama'd on Tuesday??? I don't want us to be bombed mom!"
-Tyler (information Tyler brought to me from peers at school)
"Mom, why can't I pull my lips off? My lips won't come off!"
"Mom, I don't want to go to military school!" (said with a worried tone)
-Justin as I kissed him goodnight
Now this one had me a little concerned on the direction it could have taken.....
"Mom, can girls have babies if they aren't married?" Yes Tyler they can. " Hmmm, thats weird"
I love being a mom to my boys! They keep me laughing with some of the things that come from their mouths! I can't believe how fast they grow up!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween ...... from St. George!

So this year for halloween we were down in St. George with Darin and his whole family!~ We had so much fun. Tons of swimming... hiking....and trunk or treat! As you can see... Tyler is coming out of the "cute" and "fun" costumes... he has moved onto morbid! Bleh.... Justin was right up my alley! A simple mask! (Thanks Ang and JJ!) I think right up there at the top of my list though was my hair appointment that Darin provided for me at a local salon... Soo relaxing! I LOVE getting my hair cut! He's so thoughtful!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Thankful Moment!!

So.... isn't it funny how you can just be going about your day and all of the sudden you stop for just a moment and realize things that bring you happiness. That moment for me came today as i was pluggin along on the laundry.... I HATE LAUNDRY! Even as I type this I am all filled with emotions! Anyone who truly knows me knows that this.... is not a rare moment. My tear ducts are connected to my kidneys! No joke! I love love love my family! They are so much fun and I have such a good time with them! I get in these reflective moods and just love them... what else can I say. I had such a good chat with my mom on the phone today and just love her to death! I have always felt like she is one of my dearest friends along with my dad! Lucky me I say! Oh and then there is my crazy older/younger brother! When I think of him he is EXACTLY how see him in the picture on his blog. Yes you heard me right... his blog! My favorite memory RIGHT this very moment is sitting around with my family... all of us... no matter where we may be and having one of those weezy laughing moments because we all know that nobody cracks us up more than ourselves! I could go through and tell my favorites about every one person but have to finish the.... yes thats right... L A U N D R Y! I would like to have a silent auction of services that each one could offer... ! (hopefully someone does laundry and a clean up after me after I cook) hmmm I may be onto something. Without further ado.... I will wrap up my ramble...Thank you to all of those in my life... I love you all dearly and couldn't imagine life without you in mine!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fun Fun with the Cousins!!

So... Monday I kept my kids home from school and we went to the Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point! Some say irresponsible ... I say cool mom! It was so much fun. We have gone once before and didn't go last year and really missed it. This year my cousin Angie, Laurie and their cute kids came! We love any reason to get together with family.

Sean Bradley was there helping at the festival. I saw this as some exciting opportunity. Explained that he played basket ball etc to my kids thinking this would bring them to my level of excitement over the photo opp. I said "want a picture with him?" I got a "nah" from Tyler and a " with who that super tall guy" from Justin. It wasn't until I explained he was the guy in Space Jam that Justin got on board! Woot woot! Then I at least got a "sure" from Tyler. I'm hoping we're not already coming into the too cool for all of moms crazy pictures phase! Sean Bradley was super nice as I'm sure he gets tired of this same scenario all the time.

Last time I swore I was going to paint their faces before I left home rather than pay for this if we went again! lol , cheap mom. I suppose it adds to the experience for them though so....

We had so much fun! 6 hours to be exact! And Tyler made it to the top of the rock wall this year! Good Job Tyler!!! I think one of my highlights of the day however was watching my cute little niece Jacey , the free spirit that she is walking around dancing barefoot to the band like we were at Woodstock!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Outing to Farmington Pond

So after wasting ALL early afternoon indoors we went outside and realized "huh... what a beautiful day!" We decided to venture out, after we grabbed the necessities (fountain drink, treats and a knife just in case we found a stick) to Farmington Pond. All this time who knew we lived by such a fun place.

It's funny how you don't realize how big your kids are getting until you look at them through the camera! Of course I always knew they were handsome before but look at these faces!~

If it weren't for the utility pole behind him you would believe we were somewhere rugged!

My tough little Justin! Haha... anyone that knows him knows that this statement is up for debate! He was injured during this stint of the hike, was scraped by a stick which was ok until he saw the BLOOD!

I felt bad after I saw the actual injury. Because when it actually happened I told him "oh Justin, you're ok buddy keep on goin' "